How To Be First On Google – Recent Changes To Google Algorithms

How To Be First On Google -  Recent Changes To Google Algorithms

SEO Specialist John Jarvis On Important Google Ranking Factors

SEO Specialist John Jarvis On Important Google Updates

This page is to help you in your quest to learn how to be first on Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

It will fill you in on recent changes to Google algorithms and pass along the Google Panda and Penguin definitions.

But beware … there are rumors in my circles that say there is another one coming that will dwarf the cute penguin and panda updates!

Google Panda And Penguin Definitions


  • Panda: A Google algorithm filter aimed at fighting low quality content.
  • Penguin: Penguin is another one that is aimed at fighting web spam

Recent Google Updates

  • Recent change #1. Panda update #20 – September 27, 2012. Aimed at fighting low quality content
  • Recent change #2. EMD.(Exact Match Domain). This change in algorithm started September 28, (sorry to those of you that purchased one). This change is to target and punish exact domain names that registered and are providing low quality content. Web spammers cannot get away with making junk posts to get listed at the top of Google as easy as they used to.Here is what I have on this up to this point:The head of Google web spam fighting team Matt Cutts announced on Twitter that Google will be rolling out a “small” algorithm change that will “reduce low-quality ‘exact-match’ domains” from showing up so highly in the search results. Cutts said this will impact 0.6% of English-US queries to a noticeable degree.
  • Recent change #3. Penguin update #3. October 5th, 2012.Aimed at fighting web spam.
  • Recent change #4. Top Heavy #2. October 9, 2012. This change involves ads above the fold and too many ads in your sidebar.
  • Recent change #5. EMD update #5. October 10th, 2012. Google continues to change and refine the Exact Match Domain algorithm change. They are serious about cutting down the scores of sites that use exact match domain names yet deliver poor user experience.

How To Be First On Google Tips

So again, the “easy” way to stay on top of Google is to set up your schedule of 3 (minimum, 7 is better), blog posts each week and stick to it. Deliver high quality content and don’t worry about your SEOPressor scores, your Keyword Density, or any of the rest of this technical stuff.
Just write your blog post as if you are sitting across the table from a friend and explaining your subject to them. Use the keywords, which in the real world is your subject, or topic, and “related” keywords to that subject.
For instance if you were explaining to a friend about … how to catch a fish, a “related” keyword would be how to bait a hook. If you were teaching a class on how to organize a blog, a related keyword would be how to organize a blog post.

More How To Be First On Google Tips

There is no use trying to fool the Google spiders any more. They are getting very smart. Give them what they want, and they’ll give you what you need. What may that be? Free visitors to your website of course! And who doesn’t want to know how to be first on Google?
Hmmm. It has been months since I did a post on a couple of my blogs. I know where this piece of rambling is going to point to.;)

Click the image below for a free search engine optimization PDF and start your journey to learn how to be first on Google.

By John Jarvis

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How To Be First On Google -  Recent Changes To Google Algorithms

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